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3rd Horizons are part of a growing number of intermediary organisations helping broker new relationships, ideas and knowledge between communities, the workforce and decision-makers.

We were set up in 2011 and have worked with over thirty organisations in Scotland, England and Ireland. We have four core areas of work which nearly always interplay in the projects we do – Design, Research, Leadership and Policy.

As an organisation, we are guided by our values – we want to do work that is ‘worthwhile, fun and interesting’. Have a look around our site and get a sense of who we are and we do and please do get in touch if you would like to work with us or just have a chat!

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Blog Posts

Social movements and public services: working together for the common good?

The age of government austerity has inarguably changed the political landscape. In the years following the economic crash of 2007/2008, it’s clear that there has been a dynamic shift in the delivery of public and [...]

What on earth is ‘personal resilience’?

I hear a lot about ‘resilience’ these days. It’s a bit of a buzzword with policy-makers although you never hear anyone describe what it actually means or looks like. ‘Children need to be taught skills [...]

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The power of mince ‘n tatties in building relationships

Yesterday, the day when it was announced that 800+ jobs are to go at BAE on the Clyde, I happened to be in Govan; at the Galgael community project. We’d taken 25 senior clinicians and [...]