What on earth is ‘personal resilience’?

What on earth is ‘personal resilience’?

I hear a lot about ‘resilience’ these days. It’s a bit of a buzzword with policy-makers although you never hear anyone describe what it actually means or looks like. ‘Children need to be taught skills in resilience at school, from an early age’, ‘its all about community resilience’, ‘economic resilience.. blah blah..

And yesterday, at an event about complex adaptive systems (don’t ask!), I learned there is a whole body of work and complicated theories around ‘personal resilience’. I understood about three words the two boffins who were leading the session said over the 90 minutes but I did take note of this one slide when they were describing the characteristics you need to display personal resilience: –

  • Optimism
  • Freedom from stress and anxiety
  • Accountable within themselves
  •  Open and flexible
  • Problem-solving-orientated

Hmmm, I score one out of the five (and that’s for optimism!!)…

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