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Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up
Tate Linden

Hear, hear!

But all too often design is used by organisations at the end of a process to sell a pre-determined idea or approach, or for decision-makers to push a particular policy idea or the latest fad!

Design should be much more authentic; it should help us over time to tell and shape our stories together, enabling shared expectations, needs and aspirations to emerge and for these to be heard collectively. That’s when interesting and creative change can happen – social movement, even!

3H have extensive experience of designing engagement processes and knowledge exchange events. These creative conversations go far beyond the traditional notion of consultation and allow for a more authentic and purposeful engagement process.

Here are two examples of our recent work using design.

The Museum of 3rd Horizons

The Museum of 3rd Horizons

Your next…

staff away day

community consultation

engagement event

Our Museum of the future is very popular in helping participants think critically and creatively about their current practices. Propelled to a point in your organisations’ future through the use of set design, film, actors and special lighting, participants look back to 2016 through the process of an archaeological dig. Participants are challenged to create an exhibition of artefacts that describe the realities of the past (2016), and the opportunities and barriers they faced through the years. It is a powerful way to encourage staff to think outwith their current experience about organisational values and strategic direction.

The Museum can be tailored to work with any group and is an ideal format for a fun, creative and low-cost away day for up to 40 people. The Museum can be set up pretty much anywhere that suits. Our recent Museums have taken place in the Lighthouse in Glasgow city centre and the Pearce Institute in Govan.

Those recently using the Museum include The Scottish Government, Young Scot and Iriss.

Feedback from participants taking part in Museum events:

“Looking at the artefacts from the future makes you realise how crazy it is to do some of what we do”

“Great fun – learned loads”

“Hugely creative day, loved the actors. Really made me think”

“… such a great idea and enjoyed being an expert for the day”


3H have recently been using service design approaches with Volunteer Scotland and a range of their clients, including Stirling Council, SEPA, HMIPS and Scotland’s Fire and Rescue Services. We have been developing their Constellations Game through the use of service-design tools to help these organisations better understand ‘relationships’, community assets and social capital and how to increase volunteering capacity away from the old supply and demand approach.

The constellations methodology helps participants to define community for themselves; share stories around motivations; define need within their own community; understand policy contexts; and map the time, tools and space available. Through this co-design process, new ideas for volunteer activities emerge – activities that have been co-designed, relational and form the basis of sustainable partnerships.

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We bring our experience and expertise of design to all our work - to help broker new ideas, relationships and knowledge. If you are interested in running a Museum or working with us on a new design format to engage your staff or those you work with, get in touch for a chat.
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