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Loch Lomond

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein

We have a particular interest in working with leaders who operate across organisational and system boundaries to facilitate social change and to develop shared leadership of complex challenges.

We specialise in development interventions which respond to the distinctive context and needs of your team, organisation or community. We offer programmes, focused on particular leadership aspects (eg leadership of change, communication and influencing skills, team and system relationships.); all designed to help embed leadership capability and build confidence over an extended period of time.

We recently designed and delivered such a programme for the Life Changes Trust who said of the programme

Our experience of working with 3rd Horizons to design and deliver our systems leadership approach was incredible and we achieved something quite remarkable as a result. They properly listened to where we wanted to go with this and encouraged us to think creatively and with integrity at every step. Feedback from a wide variety of participants from across the care sector has been consistently enthusiastic and we are still hearing about the profound affect this has had on their views and their practice many months on. Being able to support meaningful change is hard but 3rd Horizons were able to support and also challenge us so that the journey was exciting, stimulating and hugely productive. This course has been a game changer for us.

We give leaders time and space to

  • Think about how they “think” so that they can choose how they want to act as leaders
  • Build the confidence and capabilities needed to lead teams and communities facing complex challenges
  • Become reflective practitioners, noticing and working with their own behaviours and those of others in order to develop strong relationships and collaborative environments
  • Work across personal, organisational and system boundaries to generate shared purpose and shared ambition for change
  • Prepare for the future: developing the skills, practices and tools that support leadership of a rapidly changing future