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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein

We work with leaders who are interested in making a difference wherever they find themselves; whether in teams, organisations, systems and communities. We have experience of developing senior leaders, front line staff, community leaders and patient leaders working in health and social care systems and in local communities.  We have a particular interest in working with leaders who operate across organisational and system boundaries to facilitate social change and to develop shared leadership of complex challenges.

We help leaders to:

  • Think about how they “think” so that they can choose how they want to act as leaders.
  • Build the confidence and capabilities needed to lead teams and communities facing complex challenges.
  • Become reflective practitioners, noticing and working with their own behaviours and those of others in order to develop strong relationships and collaborative environments.
  • Work across personal, organisational and system boundaries to generate shared purpose and shared ambition for change.
  • Prepare for the future: developing the skills, practices and tools that support leadership of a rapidly changing future.

Our products

Bespoke development days and leadership programmes

We specialise in development interventions which respond to the distinctive context and needs of your team, organisation or community. We offer short programmes, focused on particular leadership aspects (eg leadership of change, communication and influencing skills, team and system relationships.)  These one day workshops or short programmes   are designed to help build leadership skills, team relationships, motivation and resilience. We also offer longer programmes tailored to your needs and budget which embed leadership capability and build confidence over an extended period of time.  Phone us to arrange a free discussion and receive an outline proposal designed to meet your distinctive needs.

The Loch Lomond Systems Leadership programme

This unique 3 day residential programme brings together leaders to explore what leadership of the future might look like and to build the skills and capabilities for leading change. Participants bring a practical leadership challenge to the programme and work in a temporary learning community with peers from across Scotland to develop fresh solutions and design experiments for change. A one day follow up event enables participants to review their learning and join the wider Loch Lomond Leadership Network. Click here to see details of our 2016 programme dates.

3H Leadership Learning: Leadership is life time’s work!

Policy and practice is constantly changing and effective leaders know how to constantly refresh their practice, maintain peer networks and keep abreast of new thinking. Our Leadership Learning Network offers an Annual Learning event open to any of our graduates and providing an opportunity to consider a current policy theme along with other change leaders. The Network also provides an ongoing Leadership Learning Series:  4 x development master classes run over the course of the year and focusing on different core leadership practices.  Numbers for each session are limited to 16 people so do book early to reserve your place.  Request our 2016 prospectus for more details.


We offer one to one coaching as well as team/system coaching.  Coaching can be a critical resource for individuals and groups to drill into specific challenges and to generate solutions which work for them. Coaching can be used  to make progress with complex,  ongoing issues;  career planning; managing interpersonal and team dynamics;  personal development or to provide  temporary support for pressing challenges eg leading or coping with change programmes.

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We would like to work in any geographical area to develop capacity for systems leadership, to support systems experimentation and to develop more effective leadership and partnership across local and national systems.
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