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“I want the Government that I lead and the public services that you lead to be known for the quality of our relationship with Scotland’s communities. Geographical communities and communities of interest…”

“… an outward looking Government which is more open and accessible to Scotland’s people than ever before…”
Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister

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It seems the ‘how’ of government is becoming as important as the ‘what’.  With little public money around and increased expectations from the public as customers, consumers, patients and citizens, we have to think differently about public policy and how it is developed.

3H have always believed that those with the sharpest focus on what needs to change, and how to achieve it, are those most affected by the issue. Their voices must be heard. The days of passive recipients of services have gone.

3H undertake a variety of policy work in this space, helping policy-makers work with key stakeholders in meaningful ways.

Here are two examples of our recent work in policy.

Recently, we worked with Education Scotland to help them develop their national policy around adult learning. That involved 3H working with adult learners directly to understand how they wanted to be heard and how they could help set the policy agenda, and that led us to develop a logic model and theory of change to ensure policy development was being done in partnership, taking account of the learner voice. The Government’s National Strategic Group accepted our twenty recommendations for change.

In this area we have also recently worked with Scottish Social Services Council, Improvement Services, The Kings’ Fund, University of Edinburgh, the Scottish Government and Aberdeen University.

Youth Commission on Smoking Prevention

3rd Horizons recently worked with Young Scot to support their work with the Scottish Government’s Youth Commission on Smoking Prevention. The Youth Commission was made up of seventeen 11-22 year olds who explored youth perspectives on smoking prevention and how the Scottish Government might achieve its policy ambition of achieving a smoke-free Scotland by 2035. 3H were delighted to play a small part in support of the Commission and Young Scot who published a range of policy recommendations to the Scottish Government last year. The work and impact of the Commission can be viewed here.

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We bring over 20 years experience of policy-making and engagement and we often play a role as a brokerage, between state and communities. If you would like us to work with you in your policy area, on a creative consultation process perhaps, please get in touch for a chat and to see how we can help!
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