futures thinking & scenario planning

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It seems the ‘how’ of government is becoming as important as the ‘what’. With little public money around and increased expectations from the public as customers, consumers, patients and citizens, we have to think differently about public policy and how it is developed.

We have always believed that those with the sharpest focus on what needs to change, and how to achieve it, are those most affected by the issue. Their voices must be heard. The days of passive recipients of services have gone.

3rd Horizons undertake a variety of policy work in this space, helping policy-makers work with key stakeholders in meaningful ways.

In 2017, we worked with Volunteer Scotland to help them develop a ‘Festival of Volunteering’. Through a co-design, co-create and co-produce process, involving 70 local organisations, the Festival ran for 6 days in Stirling, in September 2017.