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“There is nothing permanent except change”
Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher, c500 BC

No one can predict the future! However, it’s still surprising how many organisations plan for the status quo, thinking very little about the wider, ever-changing context in which our organisations work. 3H is very interested in helping clients develop a wider understanding and application of research; to understand what is driving change and what impacts there might be on their workforce and role – be those social, technological, political or economic drivers.

Last year, we worked with a group of senior classroom practitioners and Head Teachers in South Lanarkshire over seven months to take them through a futures process; to get them thinking about the wider context for education within the communities of South Lanarkshire. It was a fantastic group who became an established Community of Practice (CoP) themselves, beyond our facilitation. That work subsequently set the agenda for leadership and training for teaching staff across South Lanarkshire.

Imagining the Future

Imagining the Future

We also worked for Iriss on a year long research project involving 700 people from the social services sector in Scotland. That piece of work involved six months of research to build an evidence base around what people in communities and the wider workforce wanted to see in terms of support, care and community by 2025.

That research and scenario tool has been rolled to health and social care partnerships across the country and continues to be used for workforce development and change management.

We have undertaken scenario work, horizons scanning and research for a number of clients recently including, the Scottish Parliament, Napier Business School, Northern Ireland Social Services Council, Salford Council, Nottingham City Council, Worcestershire County Council, Scottish Water and Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.

Of course, 3H also undertake traditional social policy research and routinely use contribution analysis and logic modelling.

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We undertake traditional discreet pieces of traditional qualitative and quantitative research as well as futures thinking and scenario planning. We would be pleased to submit proposals for discreet pieces of traditional research around social policy research.
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